What makes Latina women so sexy?

I’m a firm believer that people generally follow trends. Whatever the media is covering is what people are into at that moment.  Likes are based on what’s popular and that goes for taste in women as well. In the early-nineties it was in fashion to like bleached blondes with big fake tits (thanks Pamela) because that’s all that was on TV. The moment we live in right now though is all about Latinas.

Is it because Latinas are sexy in generally or is it because the few we see in entertainment (Shakira, Sofia Vergara, and J-Lo) are hot?

Taking it upon myself to get to the bottom of this I made the move to South America a few years ago to see what Latina women are truly like.

What I found was an oasis of hotties. It’s remarkable how sexy the women are down here. It’s not just Argentina and Colombia. Peru is full of hot girls as well as Chile; Paraguay too. And obviously, Brazil.

But what makes them so hot? 

It’s a lot of different factors with one of the main ones being the way they dress. Here, high heeled shoes are standard. Short skirts and short dresses are normal. Latinas have curves and they aren’t afraid to show them off. Anytime they leave the house it’s a reason to get dressed up and look their best. 

But more than their appearance, it’s their attitude. American women search out their ultimate love story and won’t stop until they find the love of their life. Latinas fall in love with whoever they are with at the moment. You might meet a girl one day, go to the movies the next and she’ll be telling you she loves you while petting your hair and telling you how good-looking you are.

There is nothing sexier than hearing that you are good-looking and that someone loves you. It’s even better when the person telling you this is incredibly hot. Sure, it can get creepy after a while, but it never stops being sexy. 

So what makes Latina women so sexy?

It’s their whole approach to life. They do everything like it’s the last time they’ll ever do it because the world might end tomorrow. It’s like they need to feel love or their days/lives won’t have meaning. There is nothing sexier than a hot chick in need of love.

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