The Benefits of Being a Nomad

Just say the word "nomad" and it conjures up many connotations.  It could be negative or positive, depending on how you spin it.  There are definitions for the average human (and possible criticisms), yet so little mental space to ponder the meaning.  My theory is to just go with it.  Let it flow.  Go on a walkabout.  That's what nomads do.  They take risks.  They trust their guts, even if it's not spot on.  They smile from ear to ear and visit many places, merely to

enhance the nomadic experience.

What is a nomad, you ask?  Well, he or she can be likened to a wanderer, or someone with no permanent home.  Is that such a bad thing, especially if the nomad is in love with life?  To ask the question in this 2012 year of the Mayan calendar and doomsday, being a nomad might be the smartest way to avoid the hassles of boredom, the need to build a storm shelter (for whatever reason), buying excessive material crap that you would have to sell anyway, or completely being out of touch with nature and its offerings.  Nomadic lifestyles could quite possibly be brilliant and splendid!  You have no need for a plan, and when asked about a plan, a simple shrug will do, as to divulge your next move could jeopardize the nomadic spirit.  Bob Dylan once said "if you share your creative plan to one too many people, the spirit of that creativity loses it's momentum.  The plan basically dies."  Or something along those lines.   And look where Bob Dylan is?  A legendary singer/songwriter, who maintains an elusive life, yet is full of genius and wonder.  Other countless musicians, poets, artists, writers, you name it-have that urge to just bust loose and experience life in different and magical ways that have no explanation.  Being a nomad requires no explanation, only a sense of awareness.  And, it is rather hip, I think.

Some might say there is a downside to this nomadic lifestyle.  Address changes, heads-up to family and friends, and of course, employment.  I always say, put me down in pencil in your address books; here's a letter to inform you of my whereabouts and my health is okay; and thanks for the opportunity to work for you, but I must move on.  Nomads have difficulties working for others.  They are more suited to self-employment, as it leaves no one in the dust, except maybe your bank account.  And, then there are the nomadic love relationships.  If your partner doesn't understand your wanderlust to begin with, chances are he or she won't be that gun-ho on your leaving at the drop of a hat.  Unless you ask them to go along on your adventure, you will probably break some hearts.  However, being a free spirit can be attractive to the more grounded partner, provided they have a solid sense of self.  Nomads will return at some point.  They always do.  Good luck convincing your partner of that fact!  Being a nomad is a privileged, humbling, and grateful experience.  They are true to themselves and their zen-like ways. So, go wander and have an awesome time!!!

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