I sell my thoughts for money, why is it looked down to sell your body for money?

Prostitution, they say, is the oldest profession in the world. Think about that. Women have been selling their bodies far longer than anybody has been selling clothes or building houses. The woman’s body was the first thing that people understood could make a profit. Prostitutes exist because there is a large market for them,  but everyone thinks that prostitution is taboo. A prostitute is a whore. She sells her most valued treasure. There is no redemption in her future. Yeah, selling your body is a weird idea, but is it that much different than selling your thoughts?

I’m a writer, obviously. My job is to come up with cool ideas and relate them to the public in a way that provokes thought and forces people to see a different perspective than that of their own. But the basis of my job is that I sell my thoughts.  

The question at hand is if it’s more respectable to sell your thoughts or your body?

The only given fact to human life is that we lose our bodies at some point. No human has ever outlasted old age. The mind? The soul? Do we lose those along with our bodies? That is why religion was created. That is why science pushes the limits every day. We’re looking for an answer.

So our bodies are temporary. Our minds maybe not. What’s dirtier? Selling a product that will go old sooner than later. Or selling a product that might be around forever?

The argument that everybody uses is lame: you can get sex for free so why would you pay for it? I can also get turkey for free by going into the woods and killing one. But instead I go to the supermarket and buy the fattest one I see. Why am I not looked down upon for buying something that I could have gotten for free when it’s food?

Is being a writer more glamorous than being a prostitute simply because writers go to college (usually) while prostitutes don’t (usually)? I whore out my ideas, which I value deeply, every single day just to make a buck so I can buy some food which I could get for free anyway. If I want to go out and buy some sex too, what’s the big deal? Why look down on people who simply understand that the body is not that important so it could be sold to make a good living?

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