How to take over the world

Power. Is there anything more sought after in this world? Money sure, but people only want money because it gives them power. There is no greater fantasy than having absolute power and control over this entire world. 

But how does get enough power to take over the world?

It’s not easy. But it can be done. There’s a three step process, but none of the steps are easy and you could end up losing your life in a couple of them. Sounds fun right? Here’s is how to get there, if you are daring enough.

Step 1: Train. When taking over the world, one must be in prime physical condition. You have to be prepared for anything. Training doesn't consist of going to the local gym and throwing some weights around or hitting up the treadmill. It’s way more than that. You’ll have to head somewhere like China, seek out a Kung-Fu master, and live in his cave while you learn the secret of martial arts while living off rice and bugs. 

Step 2: Observe. I know this might sound boring, but it’s vital to taking over the world. After you've trained and have badass ninja skills, you’re going to have to take a back seat and wait for an opening.  Watch the news. Check the stock market. Get a pulse on the world and what’s going on in it. Timing is everything and the last thing you want is to try and take over the world when the world isn't ready to be taken over.

Step 3: Attack. But not in a violent way. Nobody likes a bully and taking over the world on brute strength will only get you a lot of enemies. What’s with the training if you’re not going to fight?  Because if you have to fight, as a last resort, you can. Once you have observed and found the right moment you have to attack and attack some more.

Pretty straight-forward, right? Okay, it might seem difficult to have to head over to China and learn the ancient fighting ways, but don’t you want to take over the world? Stop procrastinating and do what you must. In a few short years this whole world could be yours and imagine what kind of killer parties you can throw once everyone in your loyal subject.  

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