Masochism: Looking deeply into this disorder and how it is developed

Healthy sexual relationships consist of pleasing one another when it comes to being intimate in the bedroom. Healthy couples usually find ways to spice up their intimacy and make it more fun. They try to change up the routine, consider sex toys, and talk to one another of the elements that they would like to try when it comes to satisfying each other during those moments of heat and pleasure. After all, it is only normal to do these kinds of things to keep your spouse entertained and pleased.  However, what certain people may find satisfying may not satisfy another individual. In fact, some individuals never reach sexual excitement unless they are experiencing pain or other form of humiliation.

Masochism is the term used to identify sexual arousal or excitement from receiving pain or inflicting pain towards others. Masochists and sadists have a very unusual way of obtaining pleasure. They must feel humiliated, helpless, or some sort of suffering in order to reach sexual gratification. Studies have found no particular reasons why people develop this disorder, but several theories have tried to explain it. Many say that masochism usually develops when individuals desire to have a dominant role throughout their life. This longing desire for this particular need opens the door to unusual emotions and unhealthy necessities that normal people would find distressful. 


Highway to death: The horrible aftermath of street racing

Street racing has for many years been a hobby of interest for many male adolescents. The rush and adrenaline of driving at an excessive speed seems to be one of the main reasons why youngsters decide to risk their lives and the lives of others. Throughout time, many individuals have witnessed the disturbing effects of these actions, and the ones who experimented these consequences didn’t survive to tell it. But what exactly is compelling these individuals to take these risks?

Within interviews and research, one has concluded that peer pressure plays a big role in the decisions of a teen driver. For many teens it is hard to say no, mostly due to the fear of losing a crowd of “cool” friends or even that “popular” position among peers. Peer pressure is definitely something difficult to avoid and teen drivers willfully consider risking their own lives without thinking of the outcome. Research has also shown that these decisions arise when teenagers are heading out of night clubs in an intoxicated or inhibited status. Question is, how are underage individuals gaining access to alcohol?


The End is Nigh

Where will you be when the beginning of the end finally comes around? Fucked like the rest of us, but that isn't going to stop me from having the best time of the end of my life, and it shouldn't stop you either. Now the world is your oyster. Sure, the infrastructure is going to collapse and a lot of people are going to die before the end actually happens, but that's all part of the fun! You'll have nothing left to lose and everything to gain. If you find yourself thinking what to do, what to do, take from this list and have a good time.

  1. Consume As Many Drugs As You Can

    Acid, Heroin, Coke, Meth, Ganja, PCP; it doesn't matter anymore! Experience the End in a variety of different ways by snorting, eating, inhaling and injecting every possible mind altering chemical you can find. Get faded and watch the world poof in all it's glorious splendor. Who's gonna stop you?


A Class for Your Clit

If you’re having trouble reaching an orgasm or just need to be more bold in the bedroom, a female masturbation class might be perfect for you!

These classes are often taught by older women (80-year-old range) and demand full nudity of the entire class. The procedure: first, the ladies will strip down and expose themselves to one another. They will look at themselves and the women around them and eventually start giving out compliments. This part of the class is focused on recognizing and appreciating the self-beauty of a vagina and not feeling ashamed or embarrassed by it. In some classes, the ladies will be given mirrors to really get a look at all the angles and understand how things really work down there.


A Root Vegetable Where the Sun Don't Shine

Like many women, I’m hooked on televisions show about infidelity. What else is more entertaining that hearing about the disasters of other people’s relationships? But no matter how ridiculous the stories are, there was a point in history where adultery was not tolerated. The Greeks, for instance, developed a fascinating punishment for any man caught committing adultery. Was it cutting off his manhood? Or branding him a man-whore with a red hot iron? Nope, it was sticking a root vegetable up his butt where the sun don’t shine.

Just to clarify, a root vegetable is anything that comes from under the ground like a carrot, corn (ow!), or a potato. So getting punished for adultery can happen in pretty much any Greek’s backyard, and you better believe there weren’t any bottles of KY Jelly lying around.


You'll Never Look at a Barber Shop the Same Way Again...

Like most girls born in the 80’s, I remember sitting around the local barber shop, waiting on my dad to get his impossible hair shorn down to my mother’s expectations. I would lean back in one of the dusty waiting chairs and watch the stripes on the barber’s pole go around and around. Little did I know one day I’d figure out exactly how those stripes came to be and how it would change my views on barber shops forever.

Nearly 20 years later, I stumbled across a hodgepodge of factoids about our country while poking around online for useless information, and one of them changed my views on barber shops instantly. While I used to think that the hypnotizing stripes on the barber pole were to draw the attention of customers, I learned that there was a significant meaning behind the red and white of the pole.


Sky High Dining

Because eating out is one of my favorite pastimes, I am always sniffing around for a restaurant to discover with a new array of intriguing entrees. I’ll pretty much try anything, anywhere, as long as I’m not eating my neighbor’s dog on a bed of rice. While most restaurants stick to the same guidelines—dim lighting, fancy cloth napkins, smug waiters—I finally came across a style of fine dining that I’ve never experienced before: dining while strapped to a table suspended 160 feet in the air.

Like a standard meal, two waiters service the specially designed banquet table for the 20+ guests on board. Everyone is strapped in to either a chair or the “floor” beneath them and then is hoisted up by a crane high into the sky… and then the meal commences as if everyone is sitting in the local Red Lobster. Think hibachi meets sky diving.


Breaking Up With Facebook

I have to admit that it felt sort of weird when I clicked the “Deactivate Your Account” link on Facebook a couple of weeks ago. It was like part of me shut down when my account was finally offline, the portal to the other side of the internet closed. Then I realized that this is exactly the same process as ending a relationship with a person; something that was once healthy became unhealthy, and the only solution is to break up.

Breaking up with Facebook was something I had been considering for over a year. Every time I logged on it was just an assault of posts about everyone’s lives—which I get is the whole point of it—complete with less-than-flattering pictures of pregnant women, engagements, drunken parties, pissed off teenagers, stalking grandmothers, etc. It was like a brothel for internet users. It disgusted me. The more I saw people become more and more self-absorbed and dependent on how may “likes” and “comments” they got on their photos the more I realized that this was no longer a safe environment.


As If Anyone Cares About Your Blog

Blogs. The first thing that goes through my mind when I read or hear that word is all the stay-at-home moms out there that are deluded into thinking their friends and family are riveted on their life. The truth is, blogs are for people that think other people care about their life, but honestly, no one cares about your blog.


Why the gun-debate eludes inner-cities

The Gun Debate is eluding our inner-cities for one of two reasons.

1). Inner-City kids are seen in large respects as kids you can otherwise dispense with



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