A Root Vegetable Where the Sun Don't Shine

The Greeks developed a fascinating punishment for any man caught committing adultery

You'll Never Look at a Barber Shop the Same Way Again...

In medieval times, people used to practice the art of bloodletting—allowing a person to bleed out small or sometimes large quantities of blood in the attempt to rid them of an illness or disease.

How Many Children in Your Family? Oh, 69

Down in the South, there are a few families here and there that tend to overdo it on the reproduction side of things

Eating the Fountain of Youth

It took me three different meals at three different restaurants before I officially announced that I didn't like Thai food. Other things, however, don't need a taste testing. Things like placenta, for instance.

The Gruesome Truth Behind Penis Enlargements

When it comes to any nipping, tucking, slicing, cutting or anything of the sort in the genital area, it can be pretty cringe-worthy.


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